Police take lab technician into custody in Annie Le murder investigation

By Calvin Palmer

A “person of interest” in the disappearance and murder of a female Yale University student whose body was found stuffed in a cable duct behind a wall has been taken into custody.

Raymond Clark, 24, who has worked for the Yale Animal Research Center for at least four years, was led away from his apartment in Middletown by police after warrants were issued for his home and another one for samples of hair, blood and skin.

New Haven police chief James Lewis said Clark had not been charged and if he cooperated, he would be released.

Earlier a police source revealed that 24-year-old doctoral student Annie Le had been asphyxiated.

Police in New Haven have been playing their cards close to their chest. The only official announcement to come from the authorities in recent days is the formal identification of Le’s body.

The cause of Le’s death has been withheld on the grounds that it could jeopardize the police investigation.

Clark worked in the same building as Le at the Yale Medical School complex.

Le’s fully-clothed body was found behind a wall by a cadaver dog. Police had to remove part of the wall in a laboratory to get access to the crawl space

Evidence recovered from the crime scene indicates that Le was killed in a different room in the basement laboratory and then moved to a second room where the crawl space was located.

The source said only someone with intimate knowledge of the layout of the laboratory would have been able to access the crawl space.

Tiny droplets of blood were found in one of the laboratory rooms where police now believe the murder took place. The blood is being analyzed at the state forensic laboratory.

Authorities are also trying to determine if Le was sexually assaulted.

For the past two days, police have been watching Clark’s apartment.  It is unclear what connection, if any, he had to Le other than providing and caring for the animals, mostly mice and rats that she used in her lab work.

[Based on reports by the Hartford Courant and newsday.com.]

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