The latest white whine in Ponte Vedra — Chateau Sour Grapes

By Calvin Palmer

They like to drink the occasional bottle of wine in Ponte Vedra, usually a strange vintage from a Republican-owned vineyard, which employs minority workers and pays them a pittance. As a consequence, the grapes are sour but Ponte Vedra residents and Republicans everywhere prefer it that way.

Mike Ferreer is the latest person to quaff heavily of this potent wine, so potent that it encourages drinkers to write to The Florida Times-Union, which readily embraces their delusional diatribes. I can only hope that the morning-after-the-night-before, Mike and his fellow wine connoisseurs are suitable embarrassed by the views they express.

Such embarrassment, however, is not within the remit of The Florida Times-Union. If it thinks it is presenting readers with the truth, it is obviously quaffing on the Republican vintage too much and too often. I suggest its editorial board seeks counseling at the very least but fear a better option would be full-scale rehab.

Mike Ferreer writes:

“ is obvious that Americans want less spending, less government intrusion into their lives and lower taxes.”

These startling conclusions are based on the tea parties and President Obama’s fall in the poll ratings. That is just how obvious it is.

“Polls show that Americans favor capitalism over European socialism, individual freedom and liberty rather than government interference and control and the desire to have the opportunity to generate personal wealth and control its use.”

Mike clearly has difficulty in distinguishing between an economic system and political philosophy, and also reveals his lack of knowledge of global affairs. If we take the three leading European nations, the UK, France and Germany, only the UK is governed by a left-of-center political party. France and Germany both have conservative administrations, the kind Mike would like to see in place in the United States.

As far as I am aware, freedom and liberty are still cherished values in the UK, France and Germany and one of the freedoms they all enjoy is the freedom to fall ill and receive first-class medical care that does not result in a bill that may send them into bankruptcy.

People in the UK also have the desire to create personal wealth. Mike should consult The Sunday Times Rich List to see just how wealthy some people in Britain are, far wealthier than Mike no doubt, and they seem to remain wealthy despite 12 years of a left-of-center government in Britain.

It will come as a surprise to Mike that there are people on that list who do not vote for the Conservative Party, Britain’s equivalent of the Republican Party, but actively donate to the Labour Party. I can see Mike reaching for another glass of Chateau Sour Grapes at that disclosure.

“Why are we governed by those whose views are so contrary to the majority of mainstream America?”

First define mainstream America, Mike. The Ponte Vedra Brigade like to pretend they are mainstream America but I can’t see many of them struggling with unemployment and foreclosure or worrying about how they are going to afford the $1,500 their health insurance company will not cover for a life-saving surgery. So cut the crap Mike.

Secondly, the American nation adheres to the principle of government of the people, by the people, for the people. It was the will of the American people that elected President Obama and Mike seemingly does not have the good grace to accept the will of the majority of American people.

If Mike is as mainstream as he would like us to believe then the Republican candidate would have walked the last presidential election. The eventual result suggests Mike is far from mainstream but rather at odds with the majority of Americans.

“By not voting, we leave ourselves vulnerable to control by the views of the minority. Liberals, labor unions, special interest groups and the mainstream media all represent minority viewpoints.”

How odd that the minority viewpoint defeated Mike’s mainstream viewpoint in the last election. Clearly the minority is the majority but Mike doesn’t like it. Tough! It’s called democracy.

Mike’s view would be more credible if  the Republican Party was not governed by the minority viewpoint of big business and the extreme viewpoints of the fundamentalist Christian minority, with its medieval mindset .

But I applaud Mike in recognizing that Fox News and The Florida Times-Union are not mainstream media. It seems that Chateau Sour Grapes can bring the odd moment of penetrating insight.

I would go as far as to say they aren’t really the media since neither organization seems to have an ounce of objectivity between them and simply trot out ultra conservative propaganda that was rejected by the nation at the last presidential election.

But just a minute, if Mike is mainstream, why isn’t the mainstream media he refers to supporting his mainstream views? Chateau Sour Grapes is indeed a potent drink.

“While frustration with President George W. Bush and economic problems played a role in the election of Obama, the prime force in his election was control of the minorities mentioned above.”

But John McCain said the U.S. economy was fundamentally strong during the presidential election campaign, what economic problems are you talking about Mike? And the frustration at George W. Bush as far as Mike is concerned is that he acted to save the nation from plunging into the financial abyss.

Ultra conservatives for some strange masochistic reason best known to them wanted the nation to plunge into financial crisis.  Well it’s just the free market doing its job, they say. Some job —  plunging millions into untold misery and hardship. But Mike and his pals would have been all right. You can bet on it.

Obama does not control the minorities, he appeals to them. A subtle difference, Mike, but one that is probably lost on you through the haze of Chateau Sour Grapes.

“Obama won the election by close to 10 million votes.”

That’s an awful lot of mainstream Americans who are apparently not mainstream after all.

“… but he won among African-American (96 percent) and Latinos (over 70 percent) by more than 24 million votes. Even those these minorities represented less than 25 percent of the total vote, they were able to control the outcome by voting in unity.”

Mike, you have to remember that in a democracy people vote for the candidate most likely to represent their interests and give them a better deal. People were not voting in unity, they were simply voting for the candidate they preferred and it happened to be President Obama.

You simply did not like the outcome of the election. I will go further and say that more than likely you do not like the idea of the president of the United States being an Afro-American. You probably wouldn’t like it if the president of the United States was Hispanic.

What does that tell us? Absolutely everything about the creed Mike Ferreer adheres to, a creed that offends the sensibilities of a good many Americans, a creed The Florida Times-Union should not be endorsing in any shape, way or form.

You can dress it up in calls for freedom, liberty and exercising democratic and constitutional rights, which Americans hold so dear, but I will call it for what it is – blatant, undiluted and unashamed racism.

How the editorial board of The Florida Times-Union can justify airing views that are offensive to a great many people in northeast Florida is beyond me but it probably explains the newspaper’s dwindling readership.

People like Mike Ferrer are a disgrace to the memory of the noble Americans throughout this country’s proud history. They talk of liberty and freedom but only the liberty and freedom to express views that agree with their stilted view of the world.  Every time they voice their intolerant, selfish and racist opinions, the beacon light referred to by President Ronald Reagan shines a little less brightly.

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6 responses to “The latest white whine in Ponte Vedra — Chateau Sour Grapes

  1. Hoboes welcome one more hobo to our party, anytime you care to visit us at the hobo jungle for some hobostew! The election seems a long time ago. I’m so glad it is over. But the worst part is that even though he’s President, he can’t shut up! He’s on the radio, he shows up television, he visits schools, ball games, and he keeps talking! My wife’s aunt would show up at our house and stay the whole night talking. Now that I’ve left that all behind, life is simpler now since I’m unemployed like you!

  2. AndyP

    I came across Ferreer’s piece while browsing the Florida Times-Union site looking in vain to see if they’d published my letter. Thanks for this excellent reply Calvin, it saves me a job. I’m getting sick of reading the views of ignorant Republicans particularly when it concerns the UK, the NHS or Europe, subjects they clearly have little understanding of at all. But that doesn’t stop these characters spouting drivel about such topics. I spluttered on my cup of tea when I saw that Europe had apparently embraced Socialism. Like you my first thought was toward the UK, France and Germany. I’d differ from you slightly regarding the UK government. While left of centre on paper, and historically a social democratic party, the current Labour administration is now also right of centre. I’d argue that all three major European powers were Conservative, but that only adds to your argument, and makes our friend from Ponte Vedra look all the more foolish.

  3. OS.

    As a European, I have to say that I find the clip Andy has linked to, truly sickening. I searched in vain for one black face and couldn’t find one. Why? There’s only one answer: every single one of those who attended that rally are truly sick people; racists without any doubt and so ignorant that I’d be ashamed if a single one of them was a member of my family. ..and I’m whiter than any of them with a genealogical pedigree stretching back to the ultimate white race: the Aryan peoples of Northern Germany. If someone like me finds them detestable to the point of almost being physically sick, then it’s not very hard (for them, perhaps it may be) to understand why America is described as The Great Satan by some.

    Well done, Calvin, for your excellent summary of the deep-seated wrongs that represent a large part of the USA. I take heart that they are in a minority and, hopefully, they will remain that way. If ever they got to really fester their vile principles, then I, as a good friend of the US, would find it dificult to support them any longer and I would want to cut all links with them.


    • There were a few token “Uncle Tom” people. Did you know they sang and gave speeches at this event? However, the racist media tends to ignore ethnic groups even in how they frame their camera views.
      Also note that commercial media can’t seem to find any homeless families living in public parklands or along industrial parks with their tents and makeshift homes.

      • calvininjax

        “Also note that commercial media can’t seem to find any homeless families living in public parklands or along industrial parks with their tents and makeshift homes.”

        That could be for the best. The Florida Times-Union did a piece the other day on a group of homeless men living out in the woods in Clay County. I think it was the newspaper’s attempt to show that it has a heart.

        Two days after publication, the paper reported that the police had moved in and forced the men to vacate the area. I believe they instantly canceled their subscriptions. 😉

  4. OS.

    NB: Europe is now far more representative of democracy than anything the US has to offer. Also, I wish they wouldn’t use misinformation about us Europeans to further their dogma. A fact: anyone in the UK who is suffering from Cancer sees a specialist within two weeks and our free health treatment, provided at the point of need rather than at the behest of a large cheque, is superb even though it’s not perfect.

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