Woman posing as immigration snatches newborn and stabs mother

By Calvin Palmer

Police are searching for a newborn snatched from a home in Tennessee by a woman posing as an immigration agent.

The baby’s mother, Maria Gurrolla, 30, struggled with the woman who stabbed her several times.

“I need my baby,” she said through an interpreter outside Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where she was recovering from her wounds today.

The kidnapping occurred on Tuesday evening when a woman Gurrolla had never seen before turned up on the doorstep of her south Nashville home and threatened to arrest her.

Gurrolla asked the woman to identify herself. She said it was soon after that the blonde, heavyset woman pulled a knife and began to stab her.
Gurrolla went out of the house and to a neighbor’s house for help. When they returned, her baby son, Yair Carillo, was gone but her three-year-old daughter was unharmed.

The baby was born on Friday and had only been discharged from hospital on Monday.

Gurrolla suffered nine stab wounds, many of them very deep, and a collapsed lung, said Gurrolla’s physician William Dutton.

“She is in stable condition and doing well now,” Dutton said.

Gurrolla’s, speaking through her cousin, Norma Rodriguez, said that woman who took the baby needs to reflect on what she has done.

Acting on a tip, police did locate a Lebanese woman in upstate New York but she was ruled out of their inquiries.

Gurrolla’s immigration status is unclear and Rodriguez said the family did not want to discuss her legal status.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and The Tennessean.]

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