FBI investigates bomb-threat link on flights between Boston and Miami

By Calvin Palmer

The FBI is investigating whether two bomb threats on flights between Miami and Boston are linked.

Yesterday, a flight attendant found the words “bomb on board, Boston-Miami” scrawled on a bathroom cabinet.

The American Airlines flight was delayed for three hours while the plane was searched. No bomb was found.

A Boston-bound flight on the same route had to turn back 40 minutes after takeoff,  on September 17, after a flight attendant found a threatening note in a bathroom. The note used the word “bomb” and said explosives might be on board, the FBI said.

The flight returned to Miami International Airport where it was searched and bags were re-screened after 168 passengers and six crew members safely disembarked. Nothing turned up in the search

“We’re obviously going to compare notes with Boston to see if there are any similarities with the incidents since they were on the same route,” said FBI Special Agent Judy Orihuela.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and Boston Herald.]

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2 responses to “FBI investigates bomb-threat link on flights between Boston and Miami

  1. Donnasway

    These people need to get a life. Apparently, they’ve got nothing better to do.

  2. Glen P

    They got tired of just hanging boogers on the wall. (Why do people do that? It always grosses me out to see that. I bet they don’t stick boogers on the wall of their bathroom at home.)

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