Times-Union verges on the delusional

By Calvin Palmer

Yesterday’s editorial in The Florida Times-Union implores the newspaper’s readers to “Keep your eyes open”. Given where the heads of most of its readers normally reside, as well as many of the journalists, they will not see much even if they follow this advice.

The “advice” proffered stems from recent cases of people being arrested on terrorist charges in Dallas and Springfield, Illinois.

The editorial also remarks on “how easy it is for illegal visitors to get inside the United States (at least 10 million and counting according to federal data)…”

And everyone of them is a potential terrorist, no doubt, in the eyes of The Florida Times-Union.

 Just a minute, wasn’t President Obama’s margin of victory over John McCain 10 million votes? The Tea Party will likely soon be saying each and everyone of those illegal visitors somehow managed to register as voters in the United States and so swung the election Obama’s way. It is about as absurd as most of their utterances.

“In a free society, there are many potential targets and no shortage of extremists.”

Yes, and a good many of those are homegrown. Perhaps the editorial board of The Times-Union should read its own Rant &Rave column from time to time, as well as the Letters Page. Some extreme views certainly seem to be given the oxygen of publicity, courtesy of The Times-Union. Why is that?

The editorial column concludes with typical patronizing piety.

“The possibility of terrorism is an unwanted reality of life. But we can all play a role in minimizing it.”

Why doesn’t the editorial board simply seek the aid of a good psychiatrist to cope with its paranoia and delusions of grandeur, instead of inflicting its psychoses on readers?

It is somewhat pitiful to think that a place such as Jacksonville, whose only national prominence comes through the Jacksonville Jaguars, would ever qualify as a terrorist target.

I can just picture al-Qaeda discussing potential targets and deciding that an attack on Jacksonville will have far more impact in terms of publicity than an attack on say New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles.

And pray what target would they choose? The international airport, which has no international flights? The Municipal Stadium? Well, a lot of people in Jacksonville would see that as the perfect way to get rid of the Jacksonville Jaguars, while at the same time deflecting the blame away from them.

What have I gone and said? Phil Fretz will be on the phone trying to get a number for al-Qaeda before you can say tax increase.

The message of The Florida Times-Union editorial would appear to be misdirected. We should keep our eyes open for the propaganda, misinformation, deceit and specious comments that regularly appear on its pages.

Right-wing Republicans are an unwanted reality of life but we can all play a role in minimizing the influence they seek to exert.

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One response to “Times-Union verges on the delusional

  1. Glen P

    Hahahhaha, Yeah, you bet, Jacksonville is a target for terrorists. Hell, all those dumbass stockcar Dad Repubs and their nitwit wives are waiting for the “Rapture” in Jacksonville. Al Queada isn’t going to go after someone who is already on their way to Heaven. (Wait, Interpretation needed: The Jacksonville poor ass Repubs are too stupid to know they are voting against their own best interests and still believe in silly myths.) This is too rich. I am about to pee myself laughing. Calvin, what in the world are you doing there? Escape, … come to Manhatten, please. Even the most pedestrian joe in a tavern is not as stupid as those Jacksonville yokels.

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