America’s far-right borrows Nazi tactics

By Calvin Palmer

Regular readers of this blog will already be familiar with my oft-quoted thesis that the ultra-conservatives and the Tea Party set strongly resemble the Nazi Party supporters of 1930s Germany.

This conclusion is not mud-slinging on my part, as many to the right of the political spectrum would have you believe, but based on an extensive knowledge of European history from 1918 to 1945. The tactics of the far right in the United States, with their latent racism, have alarming similarities to those employed by the Nazis during their rise to power.

The ultra-conservatives may seem respectable, plausible and persuasive to the less discerning but scratch the surface and you will find Nazis wearing  suits.

Unless the Republican Party can counter this cancer pervading through its ranks, the America we all know and love could well become once again a land filled with intolerance and hatred.

The philosophy of the far-right and its media pundits, combined with the Fox News propaganda machine, one  Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of, dishonors the courage and sacrifice of the Greatest Generation who 70 years ago fought to rid Europe and Asia of the scourge of fascism.

We owe it to our fathers and grandfathers to be ever vigilant, in order that this manifestation of the selfish and base nature of humanity never seizes the political control it so ardently seeks, inflicting a living nightmare on us all and plunging this country into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

It would appear my analysis is also shared by minds far greater than mine. Below is an interview with Prof Noam Chomsky of MIT.

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2 responses to “America’s far-right borrows Nazi tactics

  1. On 10/7/09 I posted this question on my blog,

    Is it possible that those individuals and groups that oppose universal health coverage are worse than the Nazi’s?

    As many as 80 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured, which means they have little access to a regular physician, checkups, preventive services, affordable prescription drugs, dental care or screening tests.
    Up to 100,000 lives could be saved if the country’s health-care system performed as well those in nations such as France, Japan and Australia, according to the Commonwealth Fund study, which was based on World Health Organization statistics.
    After the horrors of the Holocaust were known, All of us swore that we would never standby and let it happen again. However with 100,000 people dying each year because they are under-insured, Americans will see 8 million individuals die during their lifetimes. More than the Holocaust.
    American life expectancy is about 80 years.
    Since 1945, the most commonly cited figure for the total number of Jews killed during the Holocaust has been six million.

  2. Glen P

    It’s really not such a mystery. Conservatives are inherently selfish and what is racism/facism but deep seated selfishness? Can you think of a single conservative you know where the words, kind, compassionate, considerate, or caring come to mind? Oh, they can pretend for a bit but about 30 minutes is their limit until their true face emerges. I have one comment/question that seems to bring them out of their facade if they are pretending to be selfless and tolerant. I ask gently but seriously:

    You sound like a “culturist.” Are you a culturist?

    They can’t wait to tell you about being a “culturist.” This is the far right’s new acceptable word in place of racist. They will rail against black welfare Moms, illegal Mexicans in the emergency rooms, Ebonics, more illegal Mexicans taking jobs away from “Americans” (white Americans always), baggy pants on African American kids and so on. “Culturists” … as in white culture good, other cultures bad.

    Sometimes, they are just so stupid AND transparent it cracks me up.

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