Bible-burning pastor’s Web site denies access to his list of Satanic authors

By Calvin Palmer

Book burning is always the mark of a civilized and tolerant society.

Students of history will recall those nice Nazis in Germany burning the books of Jewish authors in 1933.

It should therefore comes as no surprise that a sophisticated modern society such as the United States should follow in the noble tradition of book burning.

North Carolina pastor Marc Grizzard says his church plans to burn Bibles and books by Christian authors on Halloween to light a fire under true believers.

Grizzard believes that the King James version of the Bible is is the only true declaration of God’s word, and that all others are “satanic”.

He and the 14 other members of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church, in Canton, plan to burn copies of the other “perversions” of Scripture on 31 October.

The New Revised Version Bible, the American Standard Version Bible, and even the New King James Version are all pronounced to be works of the Devil by Grizzard and his followers.

“We will be burning books by a lot of different authors whom we consider heretics, such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren… the list goes on and on,” Grizzard said.

The list of Satanic authors also includes Mother Teresa and was available at the Amazing Grace Baptist Church’s Web site. For some strange reason, access to the Web site has been denied by the server provider — Anchor Web Host.

Seems like Grizzard and his acolytes do not have the courage to face the world. Of course, they will no doubt  claim they have been hounded by the liberal media.

Fox News is probably already working on the story.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and The Daily Telegraph.]

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One response to “Bible-burning pastor’s Web site denies access to his list of Satanic authors

  1. Ginger

    Tonight the heavens opened and rain fell. Book burning didn’t take place. There were several news crews, reporters, Sheriff and protesters. If I had been the pastor I would have been embarrassed that more protesters came out than members. There may have been books destroyed but when the flock left the building it was the woman and children first, only five of them and then the pastor himself. As the woman and children left he turned out the porch light, as if trying to hide their identities and turned it on and then back off when he left.

    During the service it was said the news crew and others were listening through the floor upstairs and could here yelling from the service. The only disappointing thing was that more locals didn’t attend the event. One came as far as Chattanooga, Tn and others an hour or so away. Was a peaceful event and most that were there didn’t agree with this radical man!

    There were signs that read things like: What would Jesus do, Who are we to judge and several others. A gentleman that was dressed in an outfit of a Nazi soldier came out, gave an interview saying this promotes hate. He wouldn’t give his name and held two books, one was the Mormon bible and the other was not able to be seen. He did say that he was only wearing a costume and that is all it was. Protesters were unsure if he was there in support of the event or against it. Left most of us puzzled.

    We are unsure if chicken and all the sides were served!

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