Jilted lover sent out pornographic Christmas cards of his ex-girlfriend

By Calvin Palmer

A Tennessee man has been sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty  to sending sexually explicit Christmas cards to the relatives of his ex-girlfriend after the break-up.

David Simmons, 57, of Murfreesboro, was arrested in May in connection with eight counts of unlawful photography against his ex-girlfriend, criminal impersonation and vandalism. He pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of unlawful photography and criminal impersonation.

Simmons entered the plea in Circuit Court in lieu of a trial.

He would have been sentenced to six months in jail for the criminal impersonation charge, but because of the plea agreement was given a suspended sentence.

He would have also had to serve two 11-month-29-day jail terms for unlawful photography, but that sentence was also suspended.

Sheriff’s Detective Ralph Mayercik said Simmons and the woman engaged in a sexual act and Simmons allegedly took her photograph during the act without her knowledge.

“She dumped him later,” the detective said. “He didn’t take that well and decided he was going to get even.”

Simmons sent the picture to the woman’s relatives as Christmas cards. Some family members opened the card, while others were intercepted by the woman before they were opened.

Simmons will be on probation for two years because the two counts of illegal photography would have ran concurrently with the criminal impersonation charge.

[Based on reports by The Daily News Journal and The Murfreesboro Post.]

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