Jeweler creates world’s most expensive Christmas tree decoration

By Calvin Palmer

A jewelers in an English village has created the most expensive Christmas decoration in the world – a gem encrusted bauble worth £82,000 (almost $136,000).

The tree decoration is made of 18 carat white gold covered with 1,500 diamonds and surrounded by two rings that feature 188 rubies.

Christmas bauble

The gem-encrusted Christmas bauble. Picture courtesy of The Daily Telegraph/Cater News.

The year-long creation is the work of Mark Hussey, the owner of the family business Hallmark Jewellers, of Titchfield, Hampshire.

“It was never about the value of the bauble, we just wanted to do something special for Christmas,” Hussey said.

“It was more about making something unique, but as we researched other amazing baubles we discovered the most expensive one was £26,874 ($44,557).

“We thought, why not see if we can beat it — but we were bowled over when it was valued at £82,000.

“I literally started working on it the day after Boxing Day, it really has been a year in the making.”

It was inspired by a snowflake Mark drew on December 27, 2008 and the snowflake pattern on the 18 carat white gold sphere has been hand pave set with 1, 578 diamonds.

The bauble will be unveiled tomorrow night. It will be kept in a steel-framed case surrounded by 6mm thick laminated glass.

The box is surrounded by a high tech microwave bubble, which sounds if it is broken, and even has an extra internal alarm which fills the shop with smoke if it goes off.

“It’s not really about whether we can sell it or not, we want it for a centerpiece for the shop,” Hussey said. “It would be absolutely fantastic if we could find the right person to buy it.

“But if I’m honest, if it’s still here on Christmas Eve I’d love to put it on our Christmas tree.”

I am intrigued to the use of the phrase “the right person to buy it”. Surely, anyone who can hand over the £82,000 would be the “right person”.

Or do they have to have the right sort of credentials, be from a particular background or have a certain status? Will the shop run a background check on prospective buyers to ensure that they are, indeed, “the right person to buy it”?

In England, unlike the United States, money is apparently not everything.

[Based on a report by The Daily Telegraph.]

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