Pittsburgh Steelers fan charged with killing puppy before game

By Calvin Palmer

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan is in jail today after allegedly kicking his girlfriend’s puppy to death because it would not behave before the start of yesterday’s televised game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

William Woodson, 22, of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, has been charged with animal cruelty and is being held on $25,000 bail.

A witness called the police after seeing Woodson kicking the dog down the street instead of walking it.

The 13-week-old pit bull puppy, called Flip, belonged to Woodson’s live-in girlfriend 21-year-old Christine Gielarowski.

Gielarowski told police her boyfriend kicked the dog because the pup would not walk with them. When the near lifeless dog no longer was able to move, Woodson walked away from both of them.

Police say the dog had become the source of arguments between Woodson and his girlfriend.

Gielarowski still may face charges after she gave police a false name and address, then refused to identify her boyfriend as the suspect.

When she finally gave her real name, police contacted her parents and found out her boyfriend’s identity.

Woodson was arrested at a friend’s house as he tried to leave by the back door.

In an affidavit he admitted that the dog would not behave prior to the Steelers game and that he became upset at it.

Woodson’s day just went from bad to worse as the Steelers eventually lost in overtime, 24-27 to the Chiefs.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.]

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2 responses to “Pittsburgh Steelers fan charged with killing puppy before game

  1. harlowe thrombey

    Meet the lovely Christine Gielarowski (and note the ‘Send a Message’ link on that page)


  2. Sammie

    Left a nice little message.

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