Three university lacrosse team players charged with sexual assault of student

By Calvin Palmer

Three Sacred Heart University lacrosse players have been charged in connection with the sexual assault of a female student.

Nicholas Travers, 18, of Smithtown, New York; Zachari Triner, 18, of Marshfield, Massachusetts; and Timothy Sanders, 19, of Ashburn, Virginia, were all charged on Sunday with conspiracy to commit first-degree sexual assault. Sanders was also charged with first-degree unlawful restraint.

Police say the 18-year-old female victim, from New Jersey, was having consensual sex with Sanders in a dormitory room, at the Fairfield campus, when Sanders suddenly held the girl down on the bed and called two other males to join him. The two other males took off their clothes and sexually assaulted her.

The girl screamed and struggled with her assailants, police said, and Triner and Travers fled the room. Sanders then asked the sobbing student if he could resume having intercourse with her.

Triner later told police he had entered the room naked and fled without touching the girl, while Travers denied knowing anything about the incident.

Sanders’ lawyer, Wayne Keeney, said the allegations are “grossly exaggerated”.

In a statement yesterday, Sacred Heart said: “Any student who violates Sacred Heart University’s code of conduct is subject to swift disciplinary action. We take allegations involving student safety very seriously, and it is university policy to immediately suspend accused students pending a judicial review. The safety of our students and a safe campus environment is our primary concern.”

[Based on reports by The Connecticut Post and Associated Press.]

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2 responses to “Three university lacrosse team players charged with sexual assault of student

  1. The students were only charged with conspiracy to commit sexual assault, meaning, the girl presumed that it was their intent to rape her, (which it wasn’t).

    • calvininjax

      I take it you have passed this on, and the evidence you have to support it, to the authorities. It could save a lot of time and police resources. 😉

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