Police hunt for suspect in ‘domestic killing’ of women and young girls

By Calvin Palmer

Police in Wisconsin are a searching for a “person of interest” in connection with four fatal shootings of two women and two young girls last night.

Madison Police spokesman Joel DeSpain said Tyrone Adair, 38, had a relationship with both women found dead Thursday but declined to say if he had any connection with the girls.

“We believe these are somewhat domestic in nature,” DeSpain said.

Court records show Adair had paternity cases with two women and a criminal record in Dane County, including convictions for battery and bail jumping.

Police were called to a home on Madison’s southwest side around 6:00 p.m. and discovered a mother and her daughter shot to death inside a vehicle in the garage.

Around 8:30 p.m., Madison police asked officers in nearby Middleton to locate a vehicle that eventually was found in a parking lot with the bodies of a woman and a girl in the trunk.

Middleton Police Lt Noel Kakuske said both appeared to have been shot.

The victims’ names and ages have not yet been released.

Kakuse said the relationship between the woman and the child found in Middleton has not been established. The girl may have been two or three years old, he said.

Investigators believe they were killed elsewhere and the car abandoned in Middleton.

“It’s possible it was just a random location to leave the vehicle,” Kakuske said.

In 2008, Adair and Tracy Graser, of Middleton, reached a court settlement acknowledging that Adair was the father of a child named Deja Adair, who was born on Christmas Day, 2007. A family court commissioner ordered Graser and Adair to share custody of the child because they were living together in Middleton at the time.

Court documents also show that a woman sought a restraining order in 2006 against a Tyrone Adair after she said he stalked and threatened her for months.

The woman said Adair slashed her tires, broke into her apartment, destroyed her computer, phone and television, and repeatedly made threatening phone calls to her.

Dane County Circuit Judge James Martin granted the restraining order in July 2006, prohibiting Adair from contacting the woman or possessing a firearm until 2010.

At one point, she said she left her apartment because she was scared of him and went to live with friends.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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