Knox speaks out on conduct of trial

By Calvin Palmer

Amanda Knox, speaking for the first time since she was convicted of the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher, said the 11-month trial was conducted “correctly”.

Speaking to Italian Member of Parliament Walter Verini, who was visiting her in prison, Knox said, “The trial was carried out correctly.”

“I still have faith in Italian justice,” she said. “I have a crazy urge to be free but there is only one path I have chosen for leaving here, and that is the appeal that my lawyers are preparing.”

Knox, 22, from Seattle, was convicted last week by two judges and six Italian jurors in Perugia, central Italy, of murdering 21-year-old Kercher in the cottage the two young women shared.

She was sentenced to 26 years in jail, while co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito, her boyfriend at the time of the murder, received a sentence of 25 years.

The first appeal hearing is expected to be held late next year, and any criticism of the initial investigation and subsequent trial is likely to be poorly received by a judicial system which was angered by attacks from across the Atlantic.

Sen Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) said on her Web site after the guilty verdict, “I am saddened by the verdict and I have serious questions about the Italian justice system and whether anti-Americanism tainted this trial.”

“The prosecution did not present enough evidence for an impartial jury to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. Knox was guilty,” she wrote.

Knox has been moved from her old cell, which she shared with three women prisoners, to a smaller, two-bed cell equipped with two desks, two wardrobes and a television.

Her new cellmate is a fellow American, a 53-year-old woman from Louisiana who is serving a four-year sentence for drug dealing.

Knox spoke of her bitter disappointment at being found guilty of the murder, which she denies having any part in. “I thought I would be home for Christmas, but instead I have to wait,” she said.

Her  mother, Edda Mellas, is expected to visit the U.S. embassy in Rome on Friday to discuss the case with the American ambassador.

Sollecito, 25, will also appeal his conviction.

[Based on reports by The Daily Telegraph and AFP.]

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3 responses to “Knox speaks out on conduct of trial

  1. ChandraSF

    Putting down the Italian justice system or claiming anti-Americanism is hardly the route to getting people to reconsider their views on the sentence. I am glad that Amanda is appearing more intelligent in this phase of her trial than her multiple parents, shrill supporters in the US and her own behavior over the past twenty four month. A little humility from her parents will go a long way to softening the attitude in Italy against Amanda.

  2. GlenP

    She only got 26 years. If she had been in Florida or Texas she’d be on death row. Americans have no place to criticize any other justice system anywhere.

  3. zelda

    She should have gotten life.Meridith got death.

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