Auto accident leaves woman with insatiable sex drive

By Calvin Palmer

An auto accident two years ago has left a New Mexico woman with an insatiable appetite for sex.

Ophthalmologist and mother-of-two Joleen Baughman, 39, was hurt in a collision that left her with damaged nerves in her pelvis. As a result, she becomes sexually aroused by the slightest movement.

“It’s unbearable. Just my clothes rubbing against me gets me so aroused I can hardly think straight,” said Baughman.  “It’s very embarrassing and it’s impossible to concentrate.”

She has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Restless Genital Syndrome, also known as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome.

The accident occurred in April 2007 when she was traveling with her husband, Brian, 39, in a pick-up trick, when a man high on drugs crashed into them head on.

Baughman suffered severe injuries including a broken spine, and was in hospital for several weeks.

Six months later she began to suffer from this extraordinary condition.

She said: “I started getting these intense sexual urges. They would come out of nowhere and completely engulf me.

“It would last for most of the day. I was really shocked because normally I have practically no sex drive at all.”

Husband Brian was initially pleased until it became apparent he could not satisfy the urges of his wife.

“We would have sex once and I would feel no release at all,” Baughman said. “So we would go again and then it would start really hurting but I would still want sex, even more than before.

“If my husband managed to go for a third time it would be agony but I would still feel no release.”

She sought medical help and was told that her condition was triggered by damage to her pudendal nerve, a nerve in the pelvis, close to the genitalia.

“I was very relieved to find out my condition was not psychological,” she said. “For a while I thought I was going crazy or that it was somehow my fault.

“I think a lot of people go through those thoughts with this condition. Being aroused pretty much 24-hours a day is exhausting.”

[Based on a report by The Daily Telegraph.]

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3 responses to “Auto accident leaves woman with insatiable sex drive

  1. Oldstokie

    There are times in life when it’s best to say nothing about the subject matter. I think this is one such moment. 😉


    • Calvin!
      Found you at last. I tried every Calvin Palmer in Dallas/Fort Worth when Tom Thomas died a few years ago. And now I find Mick Robbo (or rather Miriam) was in touch all the time.
      Be in touch and we can play catch up, maybe.

      With respect to the above, it is with some regret that I must report that I now have Restful Genital Syndrome, but some lovely memories!

      Bestest for 2010


  2. What’s all this about my comment awaiting moderation?
    I’ll tel you Robbo’s one and only Xmas joke and see if that gets through the scrutiny.

    Why does Noddy have a bell on his hat?
    Because he’s a twat.

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