Teenage girl killed by train disrupts rail traffic

By Calvin Palmer

Rail traffic in the Northeast Corridor was disrupted this morning when a teenage girl was hit and killed by a train.

Ann Marie Stickle, 14, of Middle River, was hit by a southbound train as she was walking to school along the railroad tracks with another girl, according to Baltimore County police.

The two Kenwood High School students were not authorized to be on the tracks, said a police spokesperson.

Traffic in the corridor was shut down after the incident, which occurred at 9:00 about 11 miles north of Penn Station.

Amtrak spokesperson Karina Romero said the corridor was completely reopened three hours later.

The Northeast Regional train traveling from New York to Washington D.C. involved in the incident was delayed for an hour and 45 minutes, Romero said. Passengers were kept on the train for their safety.

The fatal accident continued to affect MARC services until the early afternoon.

Baltimore County and Amtrak police are investigating the incident.

[Based on a report by The Baltimore Sun.]

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3 responses to “Teenage girl killed by train disrupts rail traffic

  1. Mai

    She was a classmate of mine. So unbelievable, that someone can disappear in an instant. I didn’t know her well but I’ll miss her and never forget her. Rest in peace, Ann. Thanks for being sweet to me. 🙂

  2. ava

    she shouldn’t have been on the train tracks in the first place and would of have avoided this!

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