Crist flips on abortion to gain support

By Calvin Palmer

Abortion is an emotive issue, particularly in the southern states of America where fundamental Christian beliefs still hold sway.

It is also one of those issues where there is no middle ground. Abortion is a dichotomy — people either support a woman’s right to choose or favor protecting the “rights” of the fetus.

I find it amusing when politicians – supposedly men and women of principle —  suddenly do an about turn on abortion in order to gain votes

Governor of Florida Charlie Crist is the latest to perform philosophical gymnastics.

Crist follows on the heels of Mitt Romney who was elected Governor of Massachusetts by advocating a pro-abortion stance but then switched to becoming a pro-life supporter in order to garner the support of medieval Republicans in his bid to win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Crist is embroiled in a battle with conservative Marco Rubio to become the Republican candidate in the election for the next U.S. Senator for Florida but as a moderate Republican he is losing ground to Rubio.

Today, in attempt to recover some of that lost ground, Crist’s campaign announced:  “As Florida’s next U.S. senator, Charlie Crist will fight for pro-life legislative efforts.”

Four years ago in his campaign to become governor, Crist said: “I would rather encourage adoption. I would prefer not to change law, I would rather change hearts.”

His flip on the abortion issue was quickly seized upon by the Rubio campaign.

“Charlie Crist’s conservative makeover attempt isn’t fooling anyone, especially not pro-life Republicans who are well aware of his pro-choice record, support for maintaining Roe v. Wade and opposition to mandatory waiting periods for abortions,” said Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos.

Politicians used to have integrity and an unswerving belief in their political principles. It seems that these days, they change direction with whichever political wind happens to be blowing.

For a fair, just and civilized society, the wind is sadly blowing from the quadrant of superstition, bigotry and pious penny-pinching economics

[Based on a report by The Miami Herald.]

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