Mother, 41, accused of having sex with her seventh-grade son

By Calvin Palmer

A 41-year-old woman, from Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, is accused of having sex nightly with her teenage son when he was in seventh and eighth grades.

The now 15-year-old boy reported the alleged sexual abuse last week to a counselor , who notified the authorities, according to Omaha Police.

The boy told police his mother was addicted to prescription drugs when the alleged abuse took place in 2008 and 2009 while he lived with her in Omaha.

The woman was arrested Monday an made an initial appearance yesterday in Douglas County Court. Her bond was set at $30,000. A preliminary hearing to discuss details of the charge against her was scheduled for February 8.

The boy’s father told an Omaha television station this week that he had previously had a feeling something was wrong but did not learn about the alleged abuse until a few weeks ago.

A younger brother is not suspected of having suffered any abuse, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said.

The woman pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor after being charged in January 2009 with intentionally violating narcotics laws.

Washington County Sheriff’s office said the woman had been trying to fill 15 different prescriptions from seven different doctors for 468 pills of the sleep aid Ambien or its generic equivalent.

The woman was sentenced to one year probation and ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as part of a deal with prosecutors.

Her identity has not been revealed in order to protect her son’s identity as a possible victim of sexual assault.

[Based on a report in the Omaha World-Herald.]

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