Man claims divine calling after shooting up hotel room

By Calvin Palmer

The people of a Michigan town may have had a lucky escape after a man claiming a divine calling shot up his hotel room.

Alvin Wigley, 53, from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, was was charged this afternoon at Calhoun County District Court with two counts of assault with intent to commit murder.

Police were called to the Albion Inn, Albion, on Sunday morning, and took Wrigley into custody.

“I think something just pushed him over the edge,” said Calhoun County Sheriff’s Sgt Dan Latta.

Wigley allegedly fired some 15 to 20 shots from a 9mm handgun, causing extensive damage to his hotel room. He also placed the room’s alarm clock in the microwave and switched the oven on.

When police arrested him, he was babbling incoherently and apologetic.

Police said he left a note in the room that read, “God delivered me from evil and placed me in Albion, Michigan.”

Latta said Wigley legally possessed the gun. It was registered in the Wigley’s name and he had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Wigley was held overnight in the Calhoun County Jail pending arraignment and mental evaluation.

Latta said deputies believe Wigley may have called 911.

Somewhere in his deluded state, a small measure of reason remained and thankfully the discharge of his weapon was confined to the hotel room.

A shot-up bed, window, walls and ceiling can always be repaired. Had his actions occurred outside the room, people may not have been so lucky.

[Based on reports by the Jackson Citizen Patriot and Associated Press.]

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  1. llee50

    This man ran for Detroit City Concilman.

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