Motel guest hit with four-foot snake after argument

By Calvin Palmer

An argument between two guests at a motel in South Carolina last night resulted in one of the men being hit in the face with a snake.

Police in Rock Hill say the 47-year-old victim became embroiled in an argument with Tony Smith, 29, of Rock Hill, over loud music coming from Smith’s room at the Executive Inn.

The dispute seemed to have been settled but several hours later Smith assaulted the victim with a four-foot python, hitting him in the face with the snake’s head.

Police were called and Smith was arrested after he surrendered the snake to a family member.

He was charged with assault and battery and remains in Rock Hill jail on a bond of $1,100.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and The Charlotte Observer.]

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2 responses to “Motel guest hit with four-foot snake after argument

  1. glen

    Calvin, you rascal. Did you know we’re staying in Rock Hill? I will tell you The Executive Inn is quite the establishment. I drive by it regularly on the way to the jobsite. Apparently, quite a few “professionals” stay there although not so sure they are executives.

    • calvininjax

      At the time I didn’t but know you come to mention it, Rock Hill does ring a bell.

      Wait till you get back to New York and see all the Wall Street executives walking round with their boa-constrictors and cobras. Oops, I forgot. The executives are the snakes.

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