Intellectually challenged gather for rallies advocating gun rights

By Calvin Palmer

A certain section of American society seems determined to have the finger of scorn pointed by the rest of the civilized world at the United States.

A few dozen Second Amendment rights activists toted handguns and semi-automatic rifles at a gun rights rally held today at Gravelly Point Park in northern Virginia.

The protesters were within the bounds of the law — a law recently passed allowing people to carry firearms in national parks — but promised to keep the weapons unloaded.

Former Alabama Minutemen leader Mike Vanderboegh told the crowd armed confrontation should be reserved only for instances of the government threatening people’s lives.

However, he said it might be justified if people face arrest for refusing to buy insurance under the health care reform package recently passed by Congress.

“If I know I’m not going to get a fair trial in federal court … I at least have the right to an unfair gunfight,” Vanderboegh said.

Gun control advocate Martina Leinz dismissed Vanderboegh as a bully.

“If they wanted to have dialogue, they don’t need to bring a big weapon with them,” she said of the protesters.

About 75 protesters were at Gravelly Point by noon, and there were nearly as many members of the media there.

Organizer Daniel Almond said he wanted to hold the rally in a place where “we can exercise our rights.” He pointed in the direction of Washington and said, “Over there the constitution is being violated and in that we can no bear arms.”

Almond said April 19 was chosen because it represents the anniversary of the Revoluntionary War battles of Lexington and Concord. He said it was not meant to commemorate the Oklahoma City bombing, which took place on April 19, 1995.

In Washington, D.C., a gun rights rally at the National Monument brandished signs with “Which part of ‘shall not be infringed’ confuses you?” and bright orange stickers saying “Guns save lives”.

Speakers urged the crowd to vote in this year’s elections for candidates who will support gun rights.

Gun owner James Everett, 71, traveled with 40 other people from Battle Creek, Michigan, to attend the rally.

“I believe it’s a right but sometimes you have to defend our rights with actions,” Everett said. “Let the people who represent us know that I don’t want them to tread on my right to bear arms. A lot of people died for that right.”

And a lot of people have also died needlessly because of it.

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia told the crowd that Second Amendment rights have been eroded over the years and that it’s time to “take this government back from the socialists.”

“We have to have a revolution — a revolution at the ballot box this November,” he said. “You’re going to be the agent of that change.”

People in civilized America and the rest of the developed world just shake their heads with a mixture of disbelief and despair.

In other countries, the only people allowed to gather in a public place bearing arms are the police and military. If a group of citizens were to do so, they would be arrested for insurrection or an act of terror at the very least.

Naturally, I did not attend the rally at Gravelly Point Park but I will wager that the 75 protesters were exclusively white, predominantly male, finished their education at 18, if not sooner, and had an average IQ of 80. They also probably support the tea party, think Sarah Palin eminently suitable to be president and never miss a Rush Limbaugh broadcast.

I will also wager that the crowd at the National Monument in Washington, D.C. also had a similar demographic profile together with an Antebellum mentality that has no place in 21st Century America.

[Based on a report by the Associated Press.]

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37 responses to “Intellectually challenged gather for rallies advocating gun rights

  1. AmerLastStand

    Ahh another Psuedo Intellectual, surprize! We dumb you smart. Yawn….

    • calvininjax

      Nope, just an intellectual and, like you said, smart.

      Sounds like you are ready for beddy-byes in your double wide. 😉

      • Vance Wiseman

        why sir will you not answer my questions.
        You have insulted me,questioned my intelligence,but yet will not answer one simple question where and when did you ,if you ever had the balls to do so,serve your countries ?
        One more question ,is it possible that Glen and yourself are one in the same person?

      • Vance Wiseman

        Still you refuse to answer my simple question. Oh and I noticed no referance inyour resume to your fine journalistic work in Iraq why is that. Maybe you actually never went there ?

    • Vance Wiseman

      Sir or Ma’am , if you would please read my comments and ask your friends to urge Glenn (see below ) to answer my questions as I have answered all his. Thank You
      Vance Wiseman

  2. Vance Wiseman

    Hello Sir,
    I am a former active duty Marine. I have owned firearms since I was 12 years old, and lo and behold I HAVE NEVER shot anybody. I swore to protect the US Constitution, not the US Government!
    Granted I only have a G.E.D., wich I obtained so that I could enter the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17 years 12 days of age. But I am also A+ Certified, Career ID# COMP001006123350, obtained May 29th 2007. In point of fact I built the computer I am writing this comment on.
    Sir I take great offense at being told I am a mentally challenged cretin becouse I support the 2nd ammendment without question.
    I tell you now I hope I never have to use my firearms against another Human being, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! But I do understand that my firearms are a detterent to those individual members of the Human racewho would do harm or commit crimes against there fellow human beings.
    Had we no weapons for the revolution we would still be British subjects. You sure are a fool to believe that if we disarm Law Abiding citizens , all criminally minded non law abiding citizens will comply with said disarmament.
    So I ask you to apolagize to those individuals you have insulted ,Myself included, with your rantings. And say hello to your Communist friends who wish to disarm my fellow citizens. And if you so believe in this disarment then you must call for total disarmement, to include Congresspersons and Senators .

    • calvininjax

      There is absolutely no justification for any law-abiding citizen to own a handgun. If you believe they act as a deterrent then, indeed, you are intellectually challenged and I have no need to apologize. I have simply called it as it is.

      You freely admit that you have never fired your firearm at another human being, so what is the point of owning one other than to reinforce your sense of paranoia.

      I have no Communist friends, and to suggest that I have only serves to lend credence to my assertion.

      • Vance Wiseman

        Did you ever serve your country. If not I suggest you do so .
        In the afterwar interviews of Japanese Officers one of the questions was why didn’t you attack the west coast after Pearl Harbor? The answer given was this ,in words to the effect, we knew your citizens were armed and we would have been met by a citizen army and the casualties would have been unacceptable!
        And that Sir is why America has not been attacked , with exception to the Radical Muslim attack of Sept 11 which was perpetrated by religeous zealot cowards who execute women for violation of moral laws,by a foriegn power.
        Oh and by the way we were only attacked becouse of Ann Arbor Liberals such as yourself who are intent on weakening this great country . They think we are weak becouse America is full of a people who would rather lay down and show their bellies to the Alpha males of the world. And if you think the world is full of nice people go live in china where they have full citizen disarmement. But of course you won’t!

      • calvininjax

        The usual irrelevant and fatuous arguments that only serve to reinforce the premise of my article.

  3. Vance Wiseman

    So where is your reply Sir ?

  4. glen

    I have some serious comments to add to this:

    Jocelyn and I watched “Deliverance” last night, a classic. She is, as you know, a new immigrant to the U.S. (legal, of course). She is not so familiar with American culture and asked me what was wrong with the antagonists in the flick. I told her they were “hillbillies.” She seriously wanted to know where hillbillies live and how we protect ourselves from hillbillies. When we leave for NY next month she asked if we could avoid Arizona and the U.S. southeast. (I told her that was where hillbillies normally reside … and really hard to explain why Arizona had hillbillies and Arizona really isn’t on the path to NY.) I said a shotgun would work fine but when you start messing with incestuous, hillbilly sodomites maybe a handgun is helpful too. (I have a Glock 9mm but for hillbilly protection only.)

    In defense of the 2nd Amendment and our mentally challenged Marine, Jocelyn is amazed we don’t have bars on our windows and walls around our home, etc here in East Texas, as is the case in her home country. I explained to her U.S. criminals know all us country folk have a bunch of guns. A strange car driving up my private road in the middle of the night is sure to receive a response. Criminals avoid this part of the country. Absolutely, no house invasions here. So, the Marine isn’t a complete imbecile. (OK, maybe I’m being generous there.)

    But, to address this alleged Marine (who even gives his serial number, hahhahhahah). These loudmouth Marines who have never seen a whit of combat crack me up. Absolutely, challenged. Too stupid to graduate from high school so he joins the Marines and now wants us call him a hero. What a loser. I met some real tough men in Iraq, not just American but also, Brits, Frogs, Ugandans, and Nepalese and know that real warriors don’t beat their chest about being a Marine or whatever they happen to be.

    What’s really funny is this knucklehead Marine obviously doesn’t understand you are a Brit who believes we Americans are all misguided colonists.

    I have to admit your website brings out the kooks. How ’bout some Militia stories. That should really flush ’em out.

    Keep up the good work Calvin.

    • calvininjax

      “I met some real tough men in Iraq, not just American but also, Brits, Frogs, Ugandans, and Nepalese and know that real warriors don’t beat their chest about being a Marine or whatever they happen to be.”


      Another fine example is right-wing journalist Cal Thomas who parades his military service like a badge of honor. Except that I don’t think sitting at an Army PR desk in New York is quite the same as the guys who were on patrol in the Vietnamese jungle. Even the educated ultra-conservatives seem to be intellectually challenged. I guess that is why Dog created them, so the rest of us would always have someone to take the piss out of.

      • Vance Wiseman

        Still no answer Glen ? When and where did you serve? What you think you can insult me by trying to destroy my character with your bullshit , and I will just go away?
        You are pathetic.

  5. Vance Wiseman

    By the way asshole that is not my serial number and if you had read and paid attention you would understand that is the number on my Comptia A+ certification. Which I recieved after my Computer repair Class. But you closed minded , my way or the highway assholes never truly listen to anybody that disagrees with you do you ?

  6. Vance Wiseman

    And please don’t use the Brits as an example . Becouse I have a question, who was worse Hitler or the KIng’s and Queens of the British. The only reason we never started a world war against the Brits was becouse they killed and subjugated people of color . As where Hitlers mistake was to attack caucasian people.
    The Brits understood that the only way to dominate their colonies was to disarm them. And they did so . And if you are willing to be truthful to us and yourself. You will investigate and admit that the British Empire dominated their colonies by outright killing of unarmed citizens , men women and children! And had the citizens of those Colonies been armed , the atrocities commited by British troops might not have happened.
    I have british blood in my ancestry and am thoroughly ashamed of my British ancestors. And this brit woman you speak of must have lived in a well to do area of the UK. Becouse there are HILLBILLIES in her country too. But obviously she lived in a well protected community.

  7. Vance Wiseman

    So where is your reply

  8. glen

    Wow, this Vance guy is way out there on the kooky scale. We got a live one here.

    OK, let me see if I have this straight. Vance never saw combat but brags on being a Marine. Hmmm, that means Vance ran around in the woods pretending to shoot people his whole time in the service … pow, pow, pow. ahhahahahhaha. Oh yeah, and Vance was a really good computer repairman in the Marines. hahahahahhaha

    I’ve met a hundred “Vances.” Vance is probably working for Canon repairing printers in Little Rock. If he had any balls he would be working for Wamar, Blackwater, etc. in Iraq or Afghanistan. They hire tough and ready ex-Marines regularly. The operative phrase is “tough and ready” which means you can’t be a beer swilling, pot-bellied , hillbilly, computer repair hack. (I’m not entirely sure Vance is off the Meth either.)

    Damn, Vance, you better hold to the job you have and satisfy yourself with boring your cracker friends with your tough guy talk. No one is buying it here.

  9. Vance Wiseman

    actually I did my service 1977-81. When did you do yours ? And I got my A+ certification in 2007. And when the towers went I asked Sen. Levin to help me get back in the Marines , I also wrote to the SGTMAJ of the Marine Corps and Wrote the Commandant of the Marine Corps . Unfortunately I was told I was too old at the time. So where and when was your service Glenn?

    • Vance Wiseman

      let me answer your last post.
      1.Never had an alchohol problem.
      2.Yes I do live alone. never got married,made the mistake of falling in love with a woman and it just didn’t work out.It happens.
      3.I do like interesting news as do you obviously.
      4.Actually Im a cat person by preference,but like all animals actually.Except lizards as they make boring pets.Don’t hate them though.
      5.I believe in the entire constitution. Especially the part that gives us the right to have this debate that we have been having. By the way I am having quite the enjoyable time.
      6.I do believe in the right to form and partipate in a state Militia. Have not found one to join yet though as they are loaded with Christian ,anti-abortion fanatics but hey they have the right,not privilige, to believe what they want.
      7.Not a fan of Larouce in fact don’t really know much about him.
      8.As far as British royality go ,Henry the 8th , how many wives did he murder becouse he couldn’t keep it in his pants? Sepoy rebellion1857,GeneralReginald Edward Harry Dyer ( ordered his men to open fire on an unarmed group mostly women and children at Amritsar) the Jallianvala Baga massacre(330+ killed not sure how many wounded, no action taken against him by the Crown),and how can we not mention The British East India Company that raped India economically (backed by British rifles)South africa,Sudan ,Rhoddesia,Falklands,and so many other I don’t have time to mention. And when did they abolish Debtors prison(truly civilized institution).
      So I can only assume you believe they had the right to steal from ,and subjugate so many peoples.
      So please tell me what was the difference between Hitler and the Crown?
      Oh and please justify cutting off a mans fingers for poaching the KIngs deer so he could feed his starving family.(oh so civilized)
      9.There are Islamist fanatics who hate us.There are christian fanatics who hate you!
      10.And as far as Abama goes,didn’t vote for him. But wish him absolutely no harm.He may or may not be sympathetic to the Islamists I cant read his mind ,nor can you sir.I do disagree with some of his ,in my humble opinion, socialist ideas. But hey thats the wonder of the constitution, it gives us all the right to say and disagree with one another openly. Do you have a problem with that?
      10.refer to #2 we split apart amicably.
      Sir I have answered your accusations , now please answer my question. Where and when did you do your MIlitary service?
      And why do you hate cats , sir ?What have they ever done to you ?

      • Vance Wiseman

        this is in reply to Glen’s statement below. And he will still not answer me !
        I find that hilarious, don’t you all ?

  10. glen

    It’s all becoming clearer. Vance is approximately 50 years old, uneducated (claims he has street smarts), lives alone and got sober in AA. Vance loves Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and is a bit unhinged as he loves macabre news (which is the only news Calvin publishes.) He is a dog person and would have no qualms about shooting a cat. (Hell, I don’t like cats either so don’t hold that against him.) In Vance’s world the only amendment worth saving is the 2nd and he believes state militias are a great idea. Vance thinks Lyndon LaRouche was a misunderstood social genius. (I love conspiracy nuts who bash the Brit royalty.) Vance loves conspiracy theories. He believes there are actually “Islamo Facists” plotting against America and Obama is sympathetic to them. (He is thinking now, “Everyone knows that.”) Vance is also loud … talks loud, thinks loud. That’s one reason his latest wife left him and won’t come back.

    • Vance Wiseman

      Please answer my questions sir,as I have answered yours. It’s only comon curtousy.May have spelled that wrong,sorry if I did cant find my Websters at the moment.

    • Vance Wiseman

      And so sorry about spelling mr Obama’s name incorrectly.I openly apologize to him! As I said I am a terrible typist.
      But I am still waiting to know where you did your Military Service at Sir. Why will you not give me the courtesy of answering a simple question ? I have answered all your accusations. Could it be you did not have the balls to risk your life and limb, Sir ?
      As I stated I took my risk and I guess becouse there were no shooting wars at the time of my enlistment I guess Im just a pussy like you ,Sir. Did you just let others gaurd your country for you, becouse you were to frightened too? I can only assume that, as you refuse to answer a simple question. I await your resonse Sir !

      • Vance Wiseman

        still waiting for a reply Sir .Where did you serve,what branch,combat non-combat.
        As I openly admit mine was peace time,but at least I had the balls to take the risk!

    • Vance Wiseman

      Come on Glenn answer my simple question.
      Where did you serveand when ?
      And why do you an american , support a foriegner who disrespects our constitution. When he has no right to do so.
      I am laughing at you sir , and enjoying the hell out of it .
      Have a nice day!

    • Vance Wiseman

      Come on Glen,are you afraid to answer me. I know you get an email alert when some one replies. So I know you are sitting there refusing to answer me , what are you afraid of? I answered all your rude snide inuendos!
      Can’t take being called out? Too much of a coward to back up your hatespewing suck hole(mouth) ?

  11. Vance Wiseman

    Some how my answer to glenn was posted above his . So read glens then read above his.

  12. Vance Wiseman

    This little discourse of ours is truly enjoyable,lets keep it going. Please!

  13. Vance Wiseman

    You are all a joke , and I have absolutely no respect fort you all!

    • Vance Wiseman

      sorry about the bad typing meant to say no respect for you ! Not fort you . But hey my typing sucks . Should have spent more time on a typewriter than the rifle range I guess. Or maybe less time on physical fitness training.

  14. glen


    I am really busy so missed all your comments (which I really enjoy.)

    I would not serve in any nation’s military. They do not pay enough. For chump and kids. I do “travel” a bit. If you would like to “travel” call Wamar International and tell them you want to work in “Security” in Iraq or Afghanistan. (I know I really have your interest now.) BUT, please don’t speak so “trailerpark.” Act a bit distant, pretend to be an expat with some experience outside your county. Act a bit urbane or you will leave money on the table and miss the adventure of a lifetime. (If I’m not too old you are not.)

    If you will be nice and not so fucking Republican and militia-like I will tell you exactly how to get on a good job in Middle East, Western Africa or Columbia as a “security consultant”. On the other hand, keep your current job installing DirectTV dishes or whatever the fuck you do and enjoy your life.

    By the way, come on out of the closet. It’s OK. We will still love ya. Gays overseas are well received. No one cares. Really, Vance, live a little.


    P.S. Calvin, did you enjoy seeing Ole Ironsides? I really enjoyed that.

    • Vance Wiseman

      Glenn ,first off I’m as heterosexual as you are and I don’t see why you have to be so childish in your response. But hey if you have connections , please reply with the help/advice you have offered.I.E. “Security Consultant.”

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