TV black out hits World Cup coverage

By Calvin Palmer

World Cup TV coverage has been blacked out in Jacksonville, Florida, for viewers using Comcast.

The game between Honduras and Chile was not available on ESPN. The Spain versus Switzerland match has been similarly affected.

A pre-recorded message by Comcast – 904 374-8000 – states the company is experiencing technical difficulties with a number of channels, including ESPN, and is unable to state when the repairs will be completed. So there is every chance, this afternoon’s game between South Africa and Uruguay may also be unavailable.

Thunderstorms in northeast Florida last night are more than likely the cause of these problems.

Fortunately, the World Cup action can be viewed online at

Update: With 15 minutes to go to the start of the South Africa versus Uruguay game, ESPN is still not back up. ESPN2 is back in action with news about baseball and basketball.

Do I detect American priorities at work here? How can a company possibly default on providing an entire day’s coverage of one of the biggest global sporting events; an event that makes the Lakers and Celtics series look like high school league in terms of audience figures.

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