Woman lied to police about carjacking and oral sex to cover up alleged theft

By Calvin Palmer

A New Jersey woman has been charged with lying to the police after she had claimed her car was hijacked and then told police her car crashed into a tree because she was performing oral sex on the driver.

Camden County Prosecutor’s Office says both stories were false.

Investigations have revealed that 23-year-old Sara C Blasse, of Vineland, made up the tale in a bid to hide her involvement in the theft of a laptop, prosecutor’s office spokesman Jason Laughlin said today.

Blasse told police that her broken arm was the result of a carjacker throwing her to the ground in Chesilhurst early on Saturday.

But police became suspicious when Blasse said she called a friend, not police, to have him come pick her up and that her cell phone’s battery died as she was speaking to a 911 operator about the bogus crime.

When Police learned a 2003 Kia Sorrento owned by Blasse’s father had crashed into a tree and then been set on fire in Chesilhurst. They took a swab from Blasse for DNA testing.

She was told that hairs had been recovered from the windshield of the crashed vehicle and DNA testing would determine if she had been in the car at the time of the crash.

At this point, Blasse confessed she had picked up a male prostitute and caused an accident while performing oral sex on him.

She was arrested Saturday by Vineland Police and charged with filing false reports to law enforcement.

Investigators now believe she and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Henry Goode Jr, allegedly crashed the Kia Sorento in Chesilhurst while attempting to flee from police following a laptop theft, Laughlin said.

The car was then set on fire. Goode allegedly stole another vehicle that same night, which he crashed and set ablaze in Buena Vista.

Goode was arrested at his home yesterday. The stolen laptop was returned to its owner, Laughlin said.

Blasse and Goode were today charged with aggravated arson, burglary, two counts of theft and related counts. Blasse was released on bail and Goode is being held at the Camden County Jail.

[Based on reports by The Daily Journal, NJ.com and Philadelphia Inquirer.]

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3 responses to “Woman lied to police about carjacking and oral sex to cover up alleged theft

  1. michellefrommadison

    But, did the police ever lie to her? Likely so.

  2. Working with police and detectives

    It amazes me that some people could try something because of what some people call the time of year when police normally get many calls. Several miles up north, you find that some defense lawyers help some hardened criminals get money from some financial institutions in the form of forgery and even lawyers go to prison for stealing money from banks. Lawyers have the highest suicide rate according to statistics.

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