Gunman killed after opening fire on Texas police station

By Calvin Palmer

A man drove a pickup truck loaded with ammunition to a police station in Texas this morning, opened fire with an assault rifle and died as flames engulfed his vehicle.

Police returned fire and the man was killed outside McKinney police station.

McKinney Deputy Police Chief Scott Brewer said he had no idea why the attack occurred. He could not confirm whether anyone else was involved in the incident.

The man, who drove a Ford F-150 pickup with a trailer to the police station around 9:00, was identified as 29-year-old Patrick Gray Sharp.

It is believed the ammunition in the truck started the fire, whereupon the man began shouting and spraying shots at the police station.

Brewer said it was plausible the man set the fire to lure police officers out of the building but did not want to speculate.

Nearby Collin County Community College locked its campus down to students and staff for two hours after the shooting, said campus spokeswoman Lisa Vasquez.

An e-mail alert was sent to college staff and students shortly after 9:30, warning that shots had been fired and that the central campus in McKinney was closed.

The e-mail said: “Shots fired. Campus on lockdown. Cops on the scene. Details to follow.”

McKinney has a population of 127,000 and is 30 miles north of Dallas.

[Based on reports by the Associated Press and The Dallas Morning News.]

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