Courthouse employee charged with spying on women in bathroom

By Calvin Palmer

A maintenance worker at a Pennsylvania courthouse was today charged with using a peephole to spy on women using a bathroom.

Daniel Caul, 37, of Harmony, Pennsylvania, was charged with invasion of privacy.

Caul told police in the past two years he watched 20 to 25 females as they used the bathroom in Beaver County courthouse because he “likes looking at naked women”.

The peephole was discovered by a cleaning crew earlier this month. It was drilled close to a vent in a unisex bathroom near the adult probation office and could be accessed from an electrical equipment room next to the bathroom.

County Commissioner Tony Amadio said other bathrooms in the courthouse were searched but nothing suspicious was found.

“It is an invasion of privacy at the most intimate level,” said Amadio.

Caul, who worked in the courthouse maintenance department for 20 years, has been fired, officials said.

Beaver County District Attorney Tony Berosch said only a limited number of people had keys to the electrical equipment room.

“We knew there were a limited amount of people we had to talk to,” Berosch said. “As the investigation went on, we focused in on Dan.”

Police said Caul did not admit to drilling the hole.

[Based on reports by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and]

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