FairTax suits the wealthy but increases the tax burden for ordinary Americans

By Calvin Palmer

The advocates of FairTax in the United States are wealthy people who wish to pay less in tax while those less well-off have to pay more. Maybe it is because I am an Englishman raised on a sense of fairness that I do not find that argument particularly fair.

It does seem fair to me that those who earn a vast income pay more in tax than those who do not and thereby honor their responsibility to society as a whole. But then again I never have been a selfish and greedy person.

The proponents of a FairTax would like to see a 23 percent sales tax to replace income tax, gift tax, estate and capital gains tax.

Again the Tea Party and its right-wing Republican supporters and representatives cannot see further than their wallets. It does not enter their heads that such a proposal will not only fuel inflation but also stifle economic recovery in its tracks. But when you are wealthy, economic recovery is the last thing on your mind. The present downturn in the economy offers rich pickings for those people with money.

Oh the Tea Party Republicans will cry crocodile tears about the state of the economy and the loss of jobs but they have no clues how to remedy those problems. But if they can get by with paying less tax, it matters little to them what deprivations less well-off  people have to endure.

Tea Party Republicans view ordinary Americans as a means to making a financial killing. Their view of society is one where everyone is a customer rather than a citizen — the latter having obligations both social and financial.

It is really amazing the number of po-faced female office workers and redneck tradesman who buy into the agenda of the Tea Party, as if it really has their interests at heart. I guess some people are easily duped. Well if you attend Monster Truck shows, I guess that goes with the territory.

Equally amazing is the way Tea Party Republicans rail against big corporations, the very organizations that bankroll their election campaigns. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The Tea Party Republicans are all about a ruling elite – them! They constantly whine about the evils of big government but on the other hand want to intrude in people’s personal lives far more than any government. What they really mean is they do not like government when it is controlled by Democrats. But they sure like big government when the Republicans are in charge – well there is money to be made.  

And they also like people to be poorly educated and not to think for themselves. Tea Party Republicans depend on them to get elected because as in any society there are far more stupid people than smart ones who see through their mealy-mouthed dogmatic promises.

Tea Party Republicans feel the public is behind the call for sweeping taxation reform, again citing big government. What they mean is they do not like footing the bill to give the less fortunate a helping hand. Their compassion knows no bounds, which is one of the reason why they keep a cupboard full of guns and think ante-bellum was a golden era in this country’s history.

Of course, they are all regular churchgoers but never see the hypocrisy of their daily lives. Well, that’s religion for you. Tea Party Republicans seem to forget Christ’s teaching that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man… Well, you know the rest.

A report by the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform, set up by George W. Bush, said the rate needed to replace existing tax law with sales tax would have to be 29 percent, not the 23 percent of the Tea Party Republicans. No doubt President George W. Bush now numbers among the growing list of RINOs (Republican In Name Only).

The panel, made up of Republicans and Democrats, said sales tax system of taxation would have a detrimental impact on low-income individuals because it does not provide for tax exemptions or credits.

The report concluded: “Replacing the current income tax with stand-alone retail sales tax would increase the tax burden on the lower 80 percent of American families, as ranked by cash income, by approximately $250 billion per year.”

It is strange how that seems to be omitted by Tea Party Republicans in favor of the FairTax. Furthermore, they do not say whether items such as food and children’s clothing would be exempt from this increased sales tax.

And knowing how Americans of all political creeds are in love with their cars, how does the prospect of paying another 68 cents per gallon of gasoline sound?

Suddenly for many Americans, FairTax does not sound quite the panacea the Tea Party Republicans would have us believe.

President Barack Obama and the Democrats are blamed by Tea Party Republicans for the “destruction” of the country. Tea Party Republicans, on the other hand, seek to destroy society in order to fuel their greed.

American voters, you have been warned. Be careful what you wish for.

[Based on a report in The Florida Times-Union.]

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5 responses to “FairTax suits the wealthy but increases the tax burden for ordinary Americans

  1. Daftburger

    Excellent article Calvin!

  2. Daftburger

    You could repeat it for the good old UK but delete Tea Party and insert Conservative.

  3. makemeadiva

    I’ve been sent over by Daftburger 🙂

    There is a worrying parallel with the UK where I am starting to hear the workers you describe articulating their thoughts about certain sections of society who are to “blame”. Those sections fit very nicely with the Tory notion of the undeserving poor because there are, as the Republicans may know, two kinds.

    Dangerous stuff when people believe what they read, pass the buck and keep pirates in power.

    They should read here instead!

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