Sign points to Sink sinking

By Calvin Palmer

The gubernatorial race in Florida pitches Republican Rick Scott against Democrat Alex Sink.

I know there is not much we can do with the name we are born with but it struck me that Sink is an unfortunate last name for someone in politics. Cartoonists could have a field day with a name like that.

As a foretaste of what may come if Sink is elected, I spotted this election sign in the Riverside area of Jacksonville.

Campaign sign. ©Calvin Palmer 2010. All Rights Reserved.

It seems as if Sink is sinking. We will know the truth of that later tonight.

It also struck me looking at the outline of the state of Florida how it resembles the shape of a handgun. That explains a lot.

I guess if Sink wins, the Republicans will no doubt claim she is a Muslim and does not have U.S. Citizenship.

A Scott victory on the other hand will have the smug and selfish gloating. He offers the usual promises of lower property taxes, less state regulation and lower taxes for business. These measures, he assures the electorate, will create 700,000 jobs in seven years. Though how many jobs will be lost by the measures he introduces is not spelled out.

In a nation where unemployment is beginning to reach unacceptable levels, 700,000 jobs sounds tempting.

I can remember Margaret Thatcher winning her first election victory with the slogan “Britain Isn’t Working Under Labour.” The slogan alluded to the protracted strike by public sector employees.

Margaret Thatcher won the election and her administration then presided over the largest rise in unemployment Britain had seen since the Depression of the 1930s. When it comes to right-wing politicians, be careful what you wish for.

And what will be the cost of Scott’s jobs in terms of the environment and infrastructure of the state, not to mention education and the provisions for the elderly and infirm.

Public education is not a high priority for Republicans. First, their children do not attend public schools. Second, they don’t want ordinary people to be educated because it would reduce their chances of electoral victory. I mean would you vote for someone who believes the Earth is only 6,000 years old?

And less state regulation? We have all experienced, when I say “all” I do not mean the rich and wealthy of Scott’s ilk, what the lack of regulation led to with the banks and financial institutions. How quickly Republican politicians and their supporters forget.

Happy voting!

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