Skyline and the Cowboys

By Calvin Palmer

TV ads for the movie Skyline were shown yesterday during the coverage of NFL games.

A more appropriate voice-over at the end of the ad would be: “Utter Bollocks. Coming to a cinema near you on Friday. Rated IQ 13.”

Speaking of utter bollocks, the phrase sums up perfeclty the display by the Dallas Cowboys against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The outlook for Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips now looks grim.

Is Phillips to blame for the Cowboys being 1-7 for the season? I don’t think so. The poor performances are down to the players. In terms of effort and application, any high school team would put these overpaid “stars” to shame.

Oh I can see the likes of say corner back Mike Jenkins strutting his stuff in the Dallas nightclubs, telling all the girls he “plays” for the Dallas Cowboys. I am afraid his definition of “play” is at considerable variance with what most Cowboys fans understand by the word.

Jenkins, like most of the Cowboys players, seems to have forgotten the sporting maxim, “You are only as good as your next game.”

Sadly, for the Cowboys, their next game is against the in-form New York Giants.  And it will take more than a mere seven days to stop the rot that has blighted America’s team.

I have witnessed some appalling performances by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the past two seasons but nothing that compares with the egregious display by the Cowboys yesterday evening. Yup, they were bad — diabolically bad!

At the start of the season, the Cowboys were thinking they would reach the Superbowl, due to be played in their brand new stadium. The operative word being “thinking”. I doubt anyone outside the Dallas Cowboys organization thought that was a realistic proposition and I daresay a few within it also thought the notion preposterous.

If you can hear a loud metallic scraping noise throughout the day, do not be alarmed. It is only the sound of knives being sharpened to stab Wade Phillips in the back.

“Et tu, Jerry!”

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