Ultra-conservatives rewrite history and recent economic events

By Calvin Palmer

I passed a doctor’s office this afternoon and saw that one of the cars parked in front, a Lexus, had several anti-Obama stickers stuck on the back fender. One in particular made me stop: “Clinton Ruined A Dress. Obama Ruined A Nation”.

It is hard to say whether the car belonged to a patient or the doctor. Given that some of the American medical profession hold the kind of bigoted views not normally associated with supposedly intelligent and educated people, it could well have belonged to the physician.

I am a great believer in political discourse. How else do we determine the best policies for a nation. But please make it a rational discussion based on accepted facts and not glib and erroneous political slogans.

This sticker provided the perfect example of why I have so little time for members of the Tea Party and other ultra-conservatives. How is it possible to have a discussion with people who are so blinded to reality and have such short memories.

Fact: The financial meltdown occurred before Obama was elected President.

Fact: The bail-out of the banks and other financial institutions was at the behest of President George W. Bush. In his recently published memoirs, Bush admits that he feared a total collapse of the American economy and took appropriate measures to avoid such a catastrophe.

Fact: President George W. Bush is a Republican.

The Tea Party and ultra-conservatives appear to inhabit a fantasy world of their own concoction. They are no strangers to rewriting recent history, as well as scientific facts with many of them subscribing to the notion that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

These people would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that some voters in America take them seriously. More frightening is the prospect that people holding such absurd and distorted views could eventually control the fortunes of one the world’s richest and most powerful nations.

It is to be hoped that there are sufficient intelligent Americans to deny these fundamentalists and fantasists their ultimate goal, namely the Presidency of the United States of America, and save the nation from a new dark age.

America deserves better than to be run by people who seem incapable of remembering what happened three years ago; people who distort the true account of events and who are incapable of articulate discussion.

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