Germany tops poll as the world’s favourite country

By Calvin Palmer

Germany has emerged as the most positively viewed country in the world, according to the BBC World Service Country Rating Poll, with Great Britain placed second.

The views of nearly 29,000 people worldwide, regarding the positive and negative influence of 16 major nations, were gathered in a survey conducted by the international polling firm Globescan and the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland.

Germany was seen as positive by 63 per cent of the people interviewed. Britain’s positive rating was 58 per cent.

Canada was the third most popular country, followed by Japan, France and Brazil. The United States came seventh ahead of China, South Africa and India.

The most positive views of Britain were in the United States, at 80 per cent, followed by Australia at 79 per cent and Canada at 69 per cent.

Iran was bottom of the poll with its negative rating at 59 per cent, followed by Pakistan at 56 percent and North Korea at 55 per cent.

Germany’s popularity comes as no surprise to me. I have always liked Germany. I have visited it more times than any other European country and even went as far as trying to learn its language.

The Germans I have met have always been polite and courteous. The German women I have encountered have always had a certain allure that I find fascinating and, in the main, they tend towards being extremely good looking.

I rate Berlin as my favourite city in the world. Its checkered history during the 20th century gives it a sense of importance that few cities can rival. The mixture of old and new architecture makes it a pleasing city on the eye and the presence of large parks such as the Tiergarten add to its appeal.

I like the way the cafes have tables on the wide pavements, where one can sit with a cup of coffee and a cigarette and watch the people pass by. Well, you could back in the 1990s. I am a great people watcher and just as long as there is a ready supply of coffee and cigarettes, I can quite happily sit for hours watching the free entertainment.

But where the Germans really score highly is their liberal attitude. The puritanism that pervades America and England is absent.

For instance, people can sunbathe and swim in the nude in Berlin’s parks if they so desire and those who don’t simply walk on by without feeling that their moral code has been impugned. It’s called live and let live, and an attitude that should assume greater prevalence in other so-called civilized societies.

Make no mistake, Germany is one of the most civilized countries in the world. Its heritage of art, music and culture, combined with its excellence in engineering and scientific inquiry, has imbued a degree of maturity and sophistication among its people that has no rivals.

Where else in the world do workers receive an extra month’s salary at Christmas to pay for the festivities, as well as extra pay at vacation time?

Germany may well have lost the Second World War, and thank goodness it was defeated for all our sakes, but it has won the peace thanks to hard work and an unshakeable belief in social democracy.

Perhaps it takes a country being reduced to rubble and the complete breakdown of government for something better to emerge for its people and put an end to the status quo that has held sway for centuries.

American politicians, particularly those on the right, are great ones for talking about democracy but they forget the social part and that is the most important element for ordinary people.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin should take note.

[Based on reports by The Daily Telegraph, Press Association and BBC News.]

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6 responses to “Germany tops poll as the world’s favourite country

  1. “Where else in the world do workers receive an extra month’s salary at Christmas to pay for the festivities, as well as extra pay at vacation time?”

    The problem with that is they paid for that extra salary, one way or another.
    Nothing is free, just as there is no free energy, and for every action there is
    anYeah OK equal and opposite reaction. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

  2. I went to Germany a year ago very beautiful country and a lot more advanced than America go and you will believe me.

  3. scott

    I lived in Germany for 3 years in the early 70s and have never forgotten dear old Deutschland.

  4. Georg

    If you are from the United States of America, this article must be very hard for you to write. There are a lot of people in the modern cultures who still support the german thinking of WW2 and I can understand it somehow, but never will support it…
    I am a german born 1983 and at the beginning of my life, I had no idea of the heritage that was lying on our german culture. What the germans did that time was and is a shame and it should never be forgotten…
    I know that most of propaganda was made out of jewish people who lived in our society; not necessary to say “they were germans” I hope. And the strange thing is you only needed to proof that there is a limeted degree of relationship to jewish people in the german society…
    So in my family today I have jewish ancestors from both sides, but they were both from the 4th generation and they didnt count, but it is nothing… I mean the nazi could have also said since we are nothing special delete `em…
    But they didn`t for gods sake.

    The germans where such a beneficial culture in that time and they still are in science, culture , literature, philosiphy and so on…
    that it is even more shocking what has happended that time.

    What I want to say, there is no way that people will forger about Einstein, Kant or Gauß. But they either won`t forget about the crimes this country did in WW2…

    And I myself think it got something to do with the arrogance a country (people) can get, when their country is top, so never make this mistake again and be respective,

    There is no such thing as race, there is only the will to survive…
    And is it really necessary to find out, when a meteoroid or something similar comes to earth to find out? I mean, if we really are that intelligent animal we are always promoting, than we should concentrate on this and nothing else. In other words: We should declare on the fact how tiny we are,,,

    And if not, have fun dying… Earth will survive… and live…

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