Fairy-tales have no place in the science classroom

By Calvin Palmer

With important local elections coming up in Jacksonville, The Florida Times-Union yesterday chose a letter on five key political issues as its letter of the day.

Only in Florida could the teaching of evolution be described as a key political issue. Surely a greater political issue is the way expenditure on public schools is being eroded away to the point where children are not going to get much in the way of an education.

But that suits the tea party idiots and ultra-conservative Republicans. Why would they want educated voters who are able to think for themselves about issues?

The reader from Jacksonville Beach suggests that intelligent design or creationism be taught alongside evolution.

Well, there is a perfectly good reason why it isn’t.

Evolution is a theory based on scientific evidence and has underpinned scientific inquiry for more than 150 years. Creationism, on the other hand, is a bloody fairy-tale!

The reader states:

Since the debate involves public schools, why not teach both views in an unbiased way and let the students choose for themselves what they believe about a subject that is as much an emotional issue as it is science?

I love this appeal to objectivity. I wonder if the same reader, in the interests of objectivity, would be in favour of Islam being taught in public schools so that children could decide for themselves on the true religion?

Thought not.

There are none so blind as the ignorant and bigoted.

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