The Original Winger meet the ‘original’ winger

By Calvin Palmer

Searching for video footage of Stoke City’s 5-0 triumph over Bolton Wanderers in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final, I came across a web site called The Original Winger.

Now as every self-respecting Stoke City fan and devotee of The Oatcake fanzine messageboard knows, the “original winger” is none other than acclaimed English author and bon viveur Stephen Foster.

Stephen is well known for his books charting the fortunes of Stoke City — She Stood There Laughing; …And She Laughed No More – as well as the best-selling Walking Ollie and Along Came Dylan.

His most recent work is the autobiographical From Working-class Hero to Absolute Disgrace.

Now if I was Stephen, and being in the litigious United States, I would be in touch with my lawyers regarding the use of the name The Original Winger.

I am joking of course. Stephen aka winger would heartily approve of The Original Winger. It is an American web site based in Los Angeles and inspired by the lifestyle and culture of soccer. I do wish Americans would use football instead of soccer.

It regularly features video highlights of matches from Europe and America’s MLS, along with music videos, articles on apparel and photographs of beautiful women such as Alyssa Miller.

Stephen also runs a blog site – Stephen Foster’s Blog – and as enjoyable and entertaining as it is, especially the comments, he has not been able to come up with the goals that saw Stoke City reach the FA Cup final for the first time in its 148-year history.

Tea With Calvin carries the embedded video of the highlights of Sunday’s game and those memorable, almost unbelievable goals.

Apparently people outside of the United States cannot view the video. Here is the link to Stoke’s five goals.

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2 responses to “The Original Winger meet the ‘original’ winger

  1. OS

    We are sorry, this video cannot be viewed from your location.

    Ahhh well, back to The Oatie. 😉


  2. calvininjax

    Looks like it is only meant for an American audience. Bugger!

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