Barcelona bans bikinis from city streets

By Calvin Palmer

Barcelona has introduced a ban on people wearing bikinis in the city’s streets. Frankly, I am not the least bit surprised. David Villa in a bikini looks positively ridiculous.

No longer allowed on the city streets of Barcelona. ©Calvin Palmer 2011. All Rights Reserved.

The move, which is also aimed at bare-chested men, follows a long campaign by residents and businesses tired of seeing tourists wandering around the streets, dining in restaurants and visiting shops in various states of undress.

“Some people who live here are bothered by tourists who go about wearing just a bikini in the street, or men with their shirts off,” said Assumpta Escarp, a Barcelona councilor who fought for the ban. “We have to maintain standards.”

Anyone caught flouting the ban, passed by the city council last month and introduced on Sunday, will be ordered to cover up or face an on-the -spot fine of up to €300 (£260 or $430).

Anyone daring to bear all away from a nudist beach will face a fine of between €300 and €500 ((£265 and £440 or $430 and $719).

[Based on a report by The Daily Telegraph.]

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