Romney pitches for Republican nomination with idle rhetoric

By Calvin Palmer

Mitt Romney today threw his hat into the ring to become the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential election.

Romney’s declaration opened with typical Republican rhetoric, concentrating on the shortcomings of Democrat President Barack Obama rather than offering any policies that might capture the imagination of the electorate.

Any Republican candidate’s stance is simply President Obama has done everything wrong but I will do everything right, without actually spelling out what that involves.

Romney says: “Barack Obama has failed America.”

Romney further states: “Government under President Obama has grown to consume almost 40 per cent of our economy. We are only inches away from ceasing to be a free-market economy.”

Whoa there Mitt. Aren’t we getting a bit carried away there? I haven’t seen any state-controlled supermarkets while doing my grocery shopping. The malls all seem to be full of stores firmly rooted in the private sector.

I am unaware of the federal government taking vast swathes of the private manufacturing sector into public ownership. Does the government own Exxon? Does the US government own Google, Apple, Johnson & Johnson? Oh and Chrysler has just repaid $7.6 billion of the bail-out money it was given to keep the company afloat.

If that is the measure of your argument, Mitt, I would call it quits now and save yourself a boat-load of money. You frittered $40 million of your own money failing to gain the Republican nomination in 2008. It looks like you are heading for a similar outcome.

But Romney like all candidates of the right promises to balance the budget. It’s a pity such a goal has remained so elusive for states such as Texas, with Republican Governor Rick Perry at the helm for the past eight years.

And we all know how the Republicans will attempt to balance the budget by cut, cut and cutting again on the services that the rich and select few have no use for but which millions of ordinary people value highly, the simple things in life such as public education.

The Daily Telegraph columnist and Obama-hater Nile Gardiner reckons Obama may be heading for election disaster in 2012. I think the piece should be entitled “I hope Obama may be heading for election disaster in 2012.” For all his evidence garnered from right-wing organizations – the Murdoch-owned Fox News and The Wall Street Journal – he fails to grasp the reality of what is going on in the country and the world.

Gardiner states: “There is a great deal of uncertainty, nervousness, even fear over the future of the world’s only superpower.”

How can you be the only superpower when you are in debt to China to the tune of $900 billion? The fact that nearly every manufactured item you pick up in a store in the US these days is made in China, could make you believe that America is not alone in the superpower stakes. Not Gardiner apparently, despite being billed as a foreign affairs analyst and political commentator.

For a political commentator, he also seems to have failed to notice that last month, the staunchly Republican city of Jacksonville elected Democrat Alvin Brown as its new mayor. If people are so tired of the Obama agenda, how did Brown managed to defeat Republican Mike Hogan who looked a shoe-in for the position? Looks like Gardiner is in de Nile.

Could it be that people are more fearful of the Republican agenda, which favors corporate America at the expense of ordinary people? Could it be that the white trash, retired veterans and petty-minded clerks who normally support the GOP are beginning to cotton on that it doesn’t have their interests at heart?

Abolishing Medicare to balance the budget is really going to appeal to ordinary blue collar and white collar voters. But the owners of small businesses, men and women who really know how to run cities, states and the country, will no doubt be dancing in the streets.

And that brings me back to Romney. Does America really want a president who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow?

Obamacare, which Romney pledges to abolish if elected, is based on the state health care plan he introduced while Governor of Massachusetts. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

So stand by for 18 months of Republican candidates full of hypocrisy, demonization of President Obama and empty rhetoric filled with patriotic fervor but not a single positive policy that will enhance the lives of ordinary working folk.

And let’s remind everyone just why America’s economy is in a parlous state, a financial collapse that occurred during the presidency of George W Bush, who bailed out the banks in order to stave off economic meltdown, combined with costly military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By the way, did anyone ever find Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction?

[Based on reports by The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.]

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