The broad strokes of demonization and hatred fail to paint the true picture

By Calvin Palmer

Extreme right-wing political parties and organizations throughout the world share a common trait: stirring up hatred against a particular group to the point of demonization.

Since the 9/11 attacks, the extreme right in America has naturally seized upon Muslims as the target for its bile and hatred.

No one would deny that certain Muslims have evil intent towards America and the West but then it could be argued that some Bible-thumping evangelicals are similarly tainted by evil; they certainly seem to forget the Christian teachings of love, tolerance and compassion found in the New Testament.

Demonization paints with a broad brush, so that all Muslims become the target for the hatred spewed out on a daily basis by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the tea party propaganda machine Fox News.

Truth is a stranger to exponents of the extreme right because it exposes them for what they are – the real evil in our midst, hell bent on setting one set of human beings against another in the name of a misguided philosophy.

But it is not only the extreme right in America who suffer from kneejerk responses and apportion blame unfairly.

The recent shootings and bombing in Norway were laid at the door of Muslim terrorism before the true facts emerged. Seasoned journalists and political commentators of mainstream and reputable media organizations, people who should have known better, seemed to let prejudice cloud their judgment.

The following video issued by My Fellow American aims to redress the diet of intolerance fed daily to those Americans who lack the wit and reason to see it for what is – blatant manipulation to serve the agenda set by the demagogues of the extreme right and their corporate paymasters.

Colour of skin and religion should matter nought when we come to judge a person. People should, as Martin Luther King said in his I Have A Dream speech, be judged on the content of their character.

We ignore that advice at our peril. To do so would beckon a new dark chapter in America’s history.

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