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Police find Texas woman alive with maggots eating her flesh

By Calvin Palmer

A 62-year-old woman is recovering in hospital after Texas City police found her barely alive with maggots eating her flesh.
Police went to the house late Friday night after someone called 911 from the house.  They are now searching for the person who made the call.
Capt. Brian Goetschius said a man called on the emergency line and said that his mother had bedsores and needed an ambulance.  The caller also said the back door to the house would be open.  He then hung up.
The officer who responded to the call and entered the house said it was in a deplorable condition with several cats running around inside.  The officer said he was overcome by a stench similar to that of a decaying body.
“He found what he thought was a dead woman on the floor of the living room but then noticed the woman blinked,” said Goetschius. “She was teetering on the brink of death.”
The police report said the floors of the house were covered in fecal matter and a bed in the living room was also soiled.
The woman was named as Linda Sue Sainz, 62, a retired Galveston County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher who rented the home on Pecan Street.
The Emergency Medical Services were called and paramedics found maggots eating her flesh.
Sainz was taken to Mainland Medical Center in Texas City.  Hospital officials said this morning that they could not release the patient’s condition.
Police are now trying to find out who made the 911 call and how Sainz ended up near death.
The man told a police dispatcher, “My mom has laid here and gotten bad sick.  She has open sores and other problems and she needs to get to a hospital.”
Family members told police they had not seen Sainz since January.  Neighbors also said they had not seen her recently.
“I was assuming she moved away because we hadn’t heard from her in a while,” Pascual Valdez said.  “After the hurricane, I spoke with the son and he was just acting, talking as if he was alone by himself.  I didn’t know she was in the house.”
Police Chief Robert Burby said his department contacted Adult Protective Services, which is conducting its own investigation.
He said, ” Cases of elderly neglect are rare but not unheard of.  One is too many.”
[Based on reports by The Daily News and the Houston Chronicle.]

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