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Man admits raping six-year-old boy in public library

By Calvin Palmer

A convicted sex offender pleaded guilty today to the rape of a six-year-old boy at the public library in New Bedford, Massachusetts, a year ago.

Corey Deen Saunders, 27, pleaded guilty to rape of a child, indecent assault and battery-subsequent offense, indecent assault and battery, enticing a child and threats to commit a crime.

Saunders was arrested January 30, 2008, after he was accused of luring the boy to the magazine stacks while the child’s mother worked on a computer just a few feet away.

Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter asked Superior Court Judge Robert Kane to sentence Saunders to life in prison, citing the age of the victim and Saunders previous conviction for the 2000 attempted rape of a seven-year-old boy.

Saunders’ attorney,Alan Zwirbli, requested a shorter sentence, which would include probation.

The judge set a February 17 deadline for both sides to file documents. At that time, he will set a date for sentencing on the rape charge.

Seems like the authorities dropped the ball with this man.  If he was convicted of attempting to rape a seven-year-old boy in 2000, why was he free to commit this act against the six-year-old?

At the time, Saunders was on probation after serving four years in prison for the attempted rape.

Saunders, designated a Level 3 sex offender believed most likely to re-offend, had been released by a judge in 2006 despite objections from prosecutors, who are allowed under state law to ask that sex offenders be locked up indefinitely after completing their prison terms. Three psychologists supported the commitment request, but the judge granted him probation, citing his lack of sexual crimes while in prison.

I guess there aren’t too many six- and seven-year-old boys in a prison.

If Saunders gets a shorter sentence and probation, will his attorney consider it a job well done?  What does Zwirblis see when he looks in the bathroom mirror each morning?  The six-year-old boy or dollar signs?

[Based on reports by The Boston Globe, WPRI and Associated Press.]

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Mother of two jailed for sex with son’s teenage friend

By Calvin Palmer

A 53-year-old mother of two who started a sexual relationship with her son’s teenage friend was sentenced today at state Superior Court, Morristown, New Jersey, to four years in prison.

Josette M. Taylor of Morris Township, New Jersey, pleaded guilty in November to one count of sexually assaulting the teenager between May and December 2007.

Taylor admitted only to sexual abuse when the boy was 15 but authorities had alleged it started when he was 14.

She never admitted to giving him alcohol or drugs, but the victim’s mother and step-father in court today said their son was given illegal substances by Taylor.

“Because of her loneliness she decided to abuse a child,” Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Melanie Smith said. “She exploited him.”

In a barely audible voice, Taylor apologized for her actions and said she also has marred her relationship with her own children as a result.

After her arrest last year, Taylor’s husband, a physician, divorced her.

By pleading guilty, Taylor sentence was likely to be between three and five years in state prison.  Judge Thomas V. Manahan imposed a sentence of four years.

On release from prison, Taylor will have to register as a convicted sex offender and be supervised on parole for life.

She must also pay more than $1,800  (£1,221) in fines and penalties, as well as $520 (£353) to reimburse the victim’s counseling costs.

Judge Manahan also recommended she receive sexual offender therapy in prison.

[Based on a report by the Daily Record.]

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Teenagers beat baby to death and claim they were driving out demons

By Calvin Palmer

Two Texas teenagers are being held in jail on bonds of $2 million after been charged with the murder of a 13-month-old girl.  They claim they were trying to drive out demons and perform an exorcism on the baby.

Blaine Keith Milam, 19, and Jessica Bain Carson, 18, of Henderson, were arrested on Tuesday following the death of Carson’s daughter, Amora Bain Carson.

Emergency services were called on Tuesday morning when the baby was said to be no longer breathing.

Lt. Reynold Humber of Rusk County Sherrif’s Office said when detectives entered the residence they found Amora on the floor of a bedroom and knew immediately it was a homicide.

The baby had been repeatedly hit with a hammer and other objects and there were more than 20 bites on the girl’s body.

The couple came up with various stories as to how the child had suffered the injuries, including a fabricated auto accident, a story of how the child was attacked by the family’s dogs.

Another version had the couple leaving the child unattended and someone else must have gone into the home and harmed the child.  They even said the child beat herself on the head with the hammer.

Humber said: “they had multiple stories they went through before they told us they had beaten the child to death.  It is their version of the truth.”

He said the couple then told deputies the child was possessed and they were trying to rid her of demons.

According to police Milam told them he performed an exorcism of the demons possessing their child.  After Milam killed the child with Carson looking on, the couple “drove to Henderson to pawn some items to pay for an exorcism.”

Authorities said Milam and Carson told detectives they decided to hire a priest after the exorcism went badly.

Humber said there was no information of any clergy being called to the home.

Milam was sentenced in August on a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child and received a probated sentence.  He has also been arrested on charges of causing a disturbance and assault.

Humber said Carson graduated as an honor student last year and she seemed intelligent.  He added that she had not been in trouble with the police before.

Humber said that the crime was so gruesome that he did not sleep on Tuesday night.

“In my 30 years of law enforcement, I have seen some things but this the worst of all of them,” he said.

It now emerges that Milam should have still been behind bars as part of condition for the second-degree felony criminal solicitation of a child.

Today’s Tyler Morning Telegraph states Milam was sentenced to 180 days in jail as part of the probation conditions agreed upon on August 22.  That sentence, if it had been carried out, would have had Milam behind bars until February 2009.

Those conditions also prohibited him from being around children except his own biological children or siblings.

Officals also confirmed that Milam had failed to register as a sex offender in Rusk County and had not changed his previous address from Longview.

[Based on a report by the Tyler Morning Telegraph.]

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